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    SB1 Programming

    Viswamithra Rishi

      Hello Friends ,


      ..I was working on SB1 Programming .. I have multiple screens to handle data.( multiple html files).

      At present i am using window.location.href for moving one html page to another .. is there any possibility

      to write  all the screens code in one  html page .....


      For example .. login.html to homescreen.html- someother.html etc...


      is there any way to write all the code in  one  html page which shows multiple screens.


      Thanks in advance ,



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          Robert Galvin

          Hi Viswa


          Yes there is many different ways you can do this. Depending on how big of an app it is, it can easily get overwhelming trying to put everything into one actual file. You  may want to look at Backbone.js & Underscore.js which allows you to design a Single Page App using a more structure manner.


          If your app is pretty simple, then I would look at Jquery Mobile and how it uses date-role="page". I would however recommend that you turn off any default animations/transitions that JQM uses.


          Rob Galvin

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              Navnath Lanke

              Hi Robert,


              I am very new to SB1 and RhoMobile.


              Can you please help me with, how to develop apps for SB1?


              I have gone through your webinar regarding that,  gone through SB1 programmers guide too, but not able to find how to start exactly.


              Please guide me, Which editor should i use, how to start with it?