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    Unable to connect to Device. Can't find PInvoke DLL 'rfidapi32.dll'.

    Ewald Ramp



      I need to use a VC6090 (winmo 6.5) as host for an application pulling data from an FX9500.

      We successfuly did this using an FX7400 hosting the application, however, when now attempting it with the VC, we get the error "Unable to connect to Device. Can't find PInvoke DLL 'rfidapi32.dll'."

      I tried to copy over the rfidapi32.dll from the fx7400 and from an MC9090z.

      However, copying the file to the application root, nor to the windows directory had any result.


      I understand that the device doesn't typically have the file as it itself is not RFID enabled, but really need some way to connect to the FX9500 and read its data.

      And any package to install "rfid support" on a device fails claiming  that "RFID compatible terminal not detected! installation halted!"


      I'm open for any suggestions to work around this?