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    Splash Screen Delay Issue

    Alpesh Budhia

      We are having an issue with the splash screen intermittently not disappearing(see screen shot below) on android devices. We have set in the rhoconfig.txt a 5 second delay (splash_screen='delay=5;zoom').

      So far we've had this reported on 4-5 different model(Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Xcover 2) device running Android 4.1.2 and above.


      From our users this occurs most often when after a loss of network connection. E.g. user is using the app on Wi-Fi, closes the app and turns off Wi-Fi and 3G. Next day they open app and splash screen doesn't disappear. After restarting the app, the splash behaves as expected.

      I've been able to replicate after a few goes of disconnecting the Wi-fi then opening the app.


      I've notice in the log file when we have the issue the delay for the splash screen is set to a huge number.


          I 06/20/2014 10:53:56:039 00003029         SplashScreen| DELAY for SplashScreen = 1193898195