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    RhoElements APD

      I am currently calling a print command and I was wondering if there is a way for me to know if it was a successful print or not.  The function that I am calling does not have a callback and does not return any value.


      Here is the line of code I am calling below:


      apd.PSExternal(266, PrinterText);

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          Robin West


          The RhoElements APD does not currently support bi-directional communication.  So using the APD will not give you any way to verify printing has occurred or even if the print job was successfully received by a printer.  There are a few ways to get around this restriction though.  The most common way is to send the data to a server (via websocket).  The server then sends a print job to a printer via TCP, and verifies that the job has been sent without errors.  The server than can respond to the RhoElements app about the status of the print.  There are other ways to get bi-directional communication, but they are mostly more complicated and would depend on the type of printer in use.   If you are using Bluetooth, it really does depend on the printer as to what your options are.