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    Camera resolution not being detected correctly

    Dave Philips

      I'm testing a Rhodes application on the following device:


      HTC One X

      Android 4.1.1

      HTC Sense 4+


      HTC SDK API level 4.63

      Browser WebKit/534.30


      Upon calling Camera::get_camera_info('main'), I am returned the following values:


      max_resolution width = 320

      max_resolution height = 240


      The actual values I would expect are:


      max_resolution width = 3264

      max_resolution height = 1840


      If I call Camera::take_picture without passing in an options hash, the picture is taken at 320 x 240.


      If I then take a picture outside of Rhodes, they are taken at 3264 x 1840.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.