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    Is Memory Module supported on MC75 Windows Devices?



      I was trying to use Memory Module API on MC75 Windows
      devices in order to check if we use and release correctly memory in our app.


      Our application using RhoElements version.


      I tried the following code in a ruby controller:


        if !System.get_property('is_emulator')

             mem = Memory.getMemoryStats()

             RhoLog.info("Memory", " mem=" + mem.to_s)

           memThreshold= Memory.lowMemThreshold



      For Memory.getMemoryStats I got in a log just false. For Memory.lowMemThreshold it just hangs on it.


      I 03/08/2013 10:55:42:000 65da84a6     Core::LoadPlugin| Memory

      I 03/08/2013 10:55:42:000 65da84a6    Abstract::Preload| First call

      I 03/08/2013 10:55:42:000 65da84a6 Core::CSync::RegisterCallback| Registered Callback

      E 03/08/2013 10:55:42:000 858d03b6               Memory| mem=false


      Does Memory.getMemoryStats returning false means that it is not supported on MC75?


      If anybody have snippet of code for correct usage of Memory module functions ruby version?



      Thank you.

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          Robert Galvin

          try logging an actual property of the result instead of the whole object:


          if !System.get_property('is_emulator')

                 mem = Memory.getMemoryStats()

                 RhoLog.info("Memory", " mem=" + mem["totalMemory"])






          Can you try it via Javascript and see if you see any results:


              <TITLE>memory Notification</TITLE>
              <META HTTP-EQUIV="memory" content="memoryEvent:url('javascript:getMemory(%json);')">            
              <SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
              function getMemory(jsonObject)
                  alert("Total Memory: " + jsonObject.totalMemory + "KB, Avail Memory: " + jsonObject.availMemory + "KB");        
                  memory.lowMemThreshold  = jsonObject.totalMemory / 10;
                  memory.memoryEvent = "onLowMemory(%json);";     
              function onLowMemory(jsonObject)
                  alert("The device is running low on memory, only " + jsonObject.availMemory + "KB is left on the device");          
              <BR><BR><INPUT type="button" value="GetMemory" onclick="memory.getMemoryStats();">
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              Thank you for your reply.


              I tried both. Ruby code got an error in this line:


              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 a481999e     Core::LoadPlugin| Memory

              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 a481999e    Abstract::Preload| First call

              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 a481999e Core::CSync::RegisterCallback| Registered Callback

              E 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 e5953372               Memory| after getting mem obj

              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 e5953372                  APP| App error: undefined method `[]' for false:FalseClass  apps/app/Login/login_controller.rb:58:in `authenticate_callback'

              lib/rho/rhocontroller.rb:104:in `serve' lib/rho/rhoapplication.rb:248:in `serve' lib/rho/rho.rb:883:in `serve'

              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 e5953372           HttpServer| GC Start.

              I 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 e5953372           HttpServer| GC End.

              E 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 04adec7e                  Net| An error occured connecting to the server: 500 returned.

              T 03/12/2013 16:23:45:000 04adec7e                  Net| Server response:         <html>


                              <meta name="viewport" content="width=320"/>



                              <h2>Server Error</h2>


              Error: undefined method `[]' for false:FalseClass<br/>Trace: <br/>apps/app/Login/login_controller.rb:58:in `authenticate_callback'<br/>lib/rho/rhocontroller.rb:104:in `serve'<br/>

              lib/rho/rhoapplication.rb:248:in `serve'<br/>lib/rho/rho.rb:883:in `serve'   </p>   




              Javascript returned me undefined  :-(


              It looks like it's not supported... :-(

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                  Darryn Campbell

                  Memory.getMemoryStats() is not a blocking call that returns a value, it relies on you having predefined a memoryEvent callback:


                  def myFunc
                       Memory.memoryEvent = url_for(:action => :memory_event_callback)
                       # Retrieve the current statistics
                       # Be notified when my memory drops below 1MB
                       Memory.lowMemThreshold = '1024'
                  def memory_event_callback
                       puts "Memory Event #{@params}"


                  Please bear in mind I haven't verified the above however!