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    HTTP Proxy url could not be parsed, when uploading file from ET1

    Adel Sari


      i have a trouble trying to upload a file from RhoElements app on ET1 to aspx page on the server,

      first i tried FileTransfer object to send the file like here (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/FileTransfer), i got an exception (HTTP Proxy url could not be parsed. Proceeding with no Proxy),

      then i tried the Imager object (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/imager), i fails too, with the same error.

      I test my Upload.aspx page on my pc and it works fine, so the problem is on the ET1.

      the same application sends and receives data (json) to/from a Web service on the server without problem.

      in the RhoElements config.xml file on the ET1 there is:

           <HTTP_Proxy value=""/>

           <HTTPS_Proxy value=""/>

      any help is appreciated. tanks