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    Ping from a .net backend app

    Tahir Zamir

      I am trying to perform a ping from a .net app.


      I have used the example code from the following link:-



      I have assumed that the _endpoint_url mentioned in the code is "http://localhost:3000" on my local development machine.


      When the ping code is executed, the rails plugin output window shows the following error:-

           Started POST "/rc/v1/users/ping" for at 2013-03-13 12:03:06 +0000

           ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [POST] "/rc/v1/users/ping"):


      I can ping successfully from the RhoConnect Console.


      The .net app is built in VS2008, framework 3.5

      My app is NOT a .net plugin as detailed in the link below. I have assumed that a simple ping webrequest should be sufficient to trigger a sync. Am I wrong in my assumption?