How Can I Install Google Maps Library on a MC40 (JB)?

Hi Android Users,


I would like to use application Tasker on my MC40 running JB OS. Unfortunaly the installation fails because of the lack of the Google's Maps Library.


adb install Tasker_4.4u2.apk

2573 KB/s (2336015 bytes in 0.886s)

        pkg: /data/local/tmp/Tasker_4.4u2.apk



I do have the Google Maps Lib in a zip file format and its purpose is to copy two specific files in Android files architecture:

  • > /system/framework folder
  • > /system/etc/permissions folder


My MC40 is not rooted hence no right to write to folder /system/framework and /system/etc/permissions folders.

The other alternative I see is to install the zip file in recovery mode using "apply update from ADB" but from what I understand the file has to be numerically signed.


So I am looking for a way to copy these files into my MC40.


Any comment or idea welcome.


Khai-Van PHU