Task Bar / Menu Bar does not react on touch or key entries

Dear community members,



I've bought a used MC7596. The device boots without any issues and it looks like it is all running ok. The device is running Windows Mobile 6.1



At the top of the display, the device shows the menu bar that shows the "Windows Start" icon and some icons for battery, network and speaker. The problem is that I can't open or click one of these icons. When I point the stylus at the top of the display, only a beep sounds. That means, the touch display is working. I first thought that the display needs calibration but then I discovered that the start menu doesn't open when I press the windows key (with the blue (fn) button) on the keypad.



So, to me it looks like the task bar and start menu is some how locked. The rest of the touch display works. For example can I open the line where it display date and time. I can change settings but then it is not possible to close the window as the "ok" button display on the top menu bar which doesn't react on clicks. Also the "enter" key does not close the window. The only way to get back to home screen is by pressing the red "phone" key on the keypad.



I tried a warm and cold boot but it does not affect the issue. The best option would be to download the image loader zip files and then do a cold boot with image loader to have a clean install. But when I try to download the files, it asks a serial number. After I enter the serial number, it says the device is not entitled for a new download.



I checked if an app like appcenter http://www.barcodedatalink.com/pages/appcenter.php is installed which blocks the task bar but appcenter is not on the device.



Any options how I can do a proper clean install or how that get the task bar functional?



Many thanks in advance and nice greeting from Berlin