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    SB1 Development Issues

      Just started with the development kit today and I've run into a few issues.


      Using the Simple UserDrive example as a base, I've run into a few issues:


      1. After launching the sample app and scanning a barcode that gets entered into the text box. After sometime, I'll receive a notification that the app isn't responding with the option to wait/quit. The only modification I made was commenting out this to disable automatically turning on the scanner:
        <!--    <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="Start">   -->
      2. The lock screen comes up immediately after almost every press of the screen. Any click in the app and settings, cause the lock screen to come up.


      I have the following in my config.js:


      config.lockscreen.timeOut = 60*1000;

      config.lockscreen.timeOutOnRotate = 3*1000;


      Issue Resolved:


      I was not including asl.js on all pages.


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