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    RHO Elements and Intermec?

    Bill Curran



      I have a customer who has written a warehouse management app using XML, Java and HTML.  Would it be possible to use RHO elements to run the app on an Intermec CK71 running Windows Embedded Hand Held 6.5.3? 


      Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Bill,

          RhoElements supports Windows Mobile 6.1 and newer on devices with enough memory and CPU power (256MB RAM e 600MHz XScale).


          So the answer to your question is YES.


          But, if you want to integrate non standard capabilities, like barcode scanning, we currently support just the Motorola barcodes libraries. In this case you've two options:

          1. Use a keyboard emulation application for the barcode scanning
          2. create a native extension for RhoElements that support the Intermec barcode scanner