SB1 Deployment

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for information about the deployment of my applications (and configurations) on multiple SB1 devices.

What do I need to achieve this?

From the answers I've found I can:

  1. use the Developer Back Housing Kit (gulp!)
  2. use the Mobility Services Platform

Do you have any further information?

Thanks in advance!


Pietro Francesc...
Hi Andrea,Using an MDM like

Hi Andrea,

Using an MDM like MSP is the preferred way to handle the deployment of an application for the SB1 in the field.

The Developer Back Housing was conceived only for... developers.

You can reach out to your local Motorola Solution office of you can call me directly to have a chat about this.



m: +39 348 2390091

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Andrea Persico
Hi Pietro,thanks for your

Hi Pietro,

thanks for your answer.

I will get in touch with you shortly to understand the possibilities.


Andrea Persico.

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