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    Button shows keyboard on SB1

    Jasper Verschut

      When a button has an id, pressing the button shows a keyboard. Is there a workaround for this?

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          Derek Warren

          After reviewing the code provided there are three things.


          1.) If you want to format the buttons to look nice and make them touch friendly you will want to include the asl.css in your html page.

          <link href="src/asl.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></link>


          2.) If you use the button class for the <input> tag the button styling would be applied to the input field, this is why you are experiencing the keyboard showing when you select the "button". In order to set an input as a button you will want to use the type attribute i.e. <input id="test" type="button" value="filler">, this can also be achieved by using the <button> tag.


          3.) If you want the text to be contained within the button you will want to use the <span> tag.


          I'm enclosing sample code that will demonstrate the difference between 3 different tag used as a button.


          <input id="dosomething2" class="button" onclick="button1()" value="button1"/>

          <button id="dosomething3" class="button" onclick="button2()"><span>Button 2</span></button>

          <a id="DoSomething" class="button" onclick="button3()"><span>Button 3</span></a>


          NOTE: Please don't leverage the asl.js file in the Application directory, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you either host the asl.js file or load one onto the UserDrive