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    RHOElements Runtime clarification

    Luca Priano

      After having installed RhoElements Runtime on not Motorola Android devices, looking at the demo page, it would seem possible to take picture by camera using a Rhoelement-enabled Web App, not a native one. I've made some investigation about, but if I am not mistaken (I wish to be mistaken ), it's only possible for native app (such as using any other feature contained in public/js/rho_javascript_api.js).


      Also trying to deploy rho_javascript_api.js file (and jQuery required files) onto the web-server which hosts the web-app, there isn't hope, for example, to take a picture: API_CONTROLLER_URL ('/app/RhoJavascriptApi/command_handler') is undefined outside native apps .


      Is it right? ...Hoping to be denied, and waiting for next Rhomobile release improvement