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    4.0.0 - No get_start_params() on certain Android devices

    Michael OBrien

      We have code that launches from App A into another app (App B). We have written the code for both apps and are using RhoMobile 4.0.0. If we link from App A to App B on an MC40, the get_start_params() has the correct information when we launch the app with (regardless if it is loaded in the background or not).


      However, if we run the same apps on a Nexus 5, the get_start_params() contains no information if the app is currently not loaded into the background. However, the link that is being launched on both platforms is the same, and I have confirmed this in the android log. If the application is loaded in the background, the get_start_params() contains the correct information we passed to the app to start with. 


      Does anyone have any insight to fix the problem?