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    Notification : backgound & get params both not working at same time

      I have successfully enabled push notifications and can handle them with code in my notification callback, set with "System.set_push_notification" in the application's initialize method. But I want to show notifications in the status bar when the app is not open. I haven't been able to do so using the "notification: background" or "notification: always" entries in the build.yml file, even when I let Rhodes completely handle the push notification by returning "rho_push" in the callback. When I do @params.inspect on the push callback, I get this:
      {"alert"=>"message", "rho_callback"=>"1", ***some other application specific push parameters***}


      Right now I just get a popup with the alert value in it, and if the app is not open, there is no indication of a push notification until I open the app and the popup appears. Does my push payload need to look different in order for Rhodes to show the notification in the status bar? I am not using RhoConnect to send these push notifications.