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    iOS 64-bit/8.1, master or sp3?

    Jon Tara

      For those "playing along" with progress toward iOS 64-bit/iOS 8.1 I wonder if anyone has any advice as to which is more stable: `master` branch or `5-0-sp3-stable`?


      Both currently do build a fat binary with arm7 and arm64, and can target iOS 8.1. As well, Apple simulator startup and rholog.txt following issues have been clean-up in both.


      From looking at the checkins, it looks like SP3 is limited (as far as iOS goes) primarily to the 64-bit/8.1 issues and many bug fixes (such as both bug fixes for geolocation), while `master` progresses with some additional "new style" apis, including photo. Quite a bit was recently backed-out of SP3.


      I'm working a new app that will be submitted to the Apple App Store, and so 64-bit is a must. No currently released Rhodes version will build 64-bit, and so I want to work from the start with a branch that will build for that environment. The deadline for submitting new apps that are 32-bit only and that target less than iOS 8.1 passed on February 1. (Deadline for updates to existing apps is June 1.)


      Not complaining, BTW, I see how much hard work has been done toward the goal of iOS 64-bit/8.1 as well as bringing more of the APIs up-to date. Thanks!