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    Persistent Runtime Cab for RhoElements v2

    Jon Marsella

      So all the documents I can find for the old and SOOOPER sluggish RhoElements v1 provide instructions on how to deploy the persistent runtime to a device, such that it will still all work after a cold boot, but where oh where might it be found for RhoElements v2?


      The only cab I can find anywhere for v2 now comes packaged up inside of RhoMobile suite, and it isn't a persistent runtime at all. 

      The cab I found is here when I ultimately install it: \MotorolaRhoMobileSuite2.2.1.13\RhoElements2 Shared Runtime\Windows CE\RhoElements CE Runtime.cab


      Why on earth one would want an RhoElements app to disappear after the device crashes and cold boots itself... never to return... is beyond me.


      Anyhow, now I'm going through all sorts of shenanigans trying to get v2 to persist myself?!  Crazy right?  CRAZYTOWN.  I sure hope this question can get answered for others on here too, I can't be the only one taking crazy pills wearing my serenity now hat and shaking my first towards the sky.


      Can anyone tell me where to get a persistent V2 runtime cab or point me to comprehensive documentation on how to do this? 


      Any help much appreciated