Motorola WorkAbout Pro 4 // RFID - DEMO AND SDK



We have bought a Motorola WorkAbout Pro 4, and our purpose is to read RFID TAGS.

My device is running Windows CE6, and i have already installed the last available image (2.4.4295).


At first, I would like to try a demo application. So i have downloaded


But when i try to install it, i always receive this error message :  "FAILED TO READ EEPROM, INSTALLATION IS CANCELED"


My second question is : which SDK should i use to read RFID TAGS when developing a .NET application ? Is there any sample ?






Azdine Amoura
Hi,on this web page : http:/


on this web page :

Check the document named "WAP4 RFID product Guide -A05.pdf" page 2. you will find Never OS / Drivers / SDK and samples links.


Regarding your error:

Sorry to ask but do you have a RFID module and antenna on your device ?

Do you have installed the boost scripts to "enable" the RFID after installing (or re installing) an OS ? if not ask the support the provide them to you



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