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    Partial render  Issue on Android

      Hi guys,


      I have used partial rendering in project but while deploying on android i found an issue


      I am not able to open partial render page, i found the reason it is giving error " No such file directory to load ...data/data/someurl.com/rhodata/apps/partials/_dyncamic.erb.iseq ..


      it is working fine on windows mobile.

      How to set correct url for calling partial page to render.


      render :partial =>"partials/label", :locals => { :ctrlid => item.object } %>

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          Hi Amit


          This error might occur when you point to the location where file is not located. You are trying to render a partial named "label" under partials folder but error message implies it is searching for dyncamic file under partials folder. Can you check in the rholog "Is this the error message shown for the above render?"


          I tried to render a partial in Product index page as


          <div data-role="header" data-position="inline">

            <%= render :partial => "partials/label" %>


          I kept "_label.erb" file under app/partials folder. It is working fine in Andriod


          Hope this might help you to sort out the issue

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            Hi Amit.


            Not aware of partial rendering Ruby syntax, but... rhodes bundler does compile <filename>.erb -> <filename>_erb.iseq