TC55 KitKat cannot adjust beam timer programmatically

On TC55 with KitKat I am unable to adjust ScannerConfig.ReaderParams.ReaderSpecific.LaserSpecific#beamTimer programmatically.


All variations of the following work as proclaimed on a TC55 with Jelly Bean but have no effect on a TC55 with KitKat:


final ScannerConfig config = scanner.getConfig(); config.readerParams.readerSpecific.laserSpecific.beamTimer = 0; scanner.setConfig(config);


On KitKat, the timer is consistently 5 seconds, which is also the default duration. The devices I am using are:


  • TC55BH-JC11EE Jelly Bean running Android 4.1.2, build 140220-SI-1800EN-01.74-15442J-4.1.2-user, with EMDK service 3.1.22.
  • TC55BH-KJ11ES KitKat running Android 4.4.3, build 150422-SI-1800EN-02.52.02-23257-4.4.3-user, with EMDK service 3.1.19 - 3.1.31.


There have been no changes to the three pre-configured DataWedge profiles (Profile0 (default), Launcher, DWDemo) and no new profiles have been configured. Profiles are not being adjusted programmatically in any way.


I have confirmed that the DWDemo profile correctly controls the beam timer in the DWDemo app, and that no profile -- including the default -- has any effect on my app.