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    RHOElements Crashing on launch

      I have noticed a fairly consistent (Random) bug in RhoElements, for some reason on load RhoElements locks up on the initial screen and proceeds no further, the application much be killed. I have included a photo of the screen that it locks to, as of the sending of this email it has been sitting on that screen for 15 minutes.


      As I am an Android Developer I was able to get a Crashlog and Exception report out of the device when it crashed.


      I am running RHOElements, on a MC40 device


      This is the significant part I noticed (Line 175 in the attached CrashLog text file)

      03-25 00:06:25.468: I/APP(6024): E 03/25/2012 00:06:25:477 00001788          WebView| java.lang.RuntimeException: Ekioh platform thread not started


      Any suggestions on correcting this would be appreciated.