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    RHOElements crashing at random

      I have been working on a large JavaScript (jQuery, angular) application that is running within the RHOElements application and we have found an issue where at random the RHOElements application will terminate and close down after scanning a barcode. It seems to be when we are doing some JS processing.


      As I am an Android developer I happened to have the device linked to my ADT and was able to get a log out of the device when the crash happened.
      One of the crashes is at line #5831 in the attached log file.


      I have been unable to get any additional logs from with the internal log.txt or JavaScript logging.


      Has anyone else experienced this and come up with a solution?

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Karel,


          Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  What version of RhoMobile Suite are you using?



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            Looks like a bug in Motorola WebView...


            I would suggest to try to stop executing any JS while barcode scanning to avoid any concurrency in JS.



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                Hi Alexey,


                I will look into this, I am not certain that it is going to be possible with the flow of the application which is:

                1) Scan Barcode

                2) Using AJAX Submit Results

                3) Display Results


                I believe that JS is required to go from steps 1-2 and we are hoping to avoid having to force users to click a button to submit the scan.




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                    Glenn Sayer

                    from the Scanner API documentation


                    If the Scanner Meta Tag is used without DecodeEvent, the data will be output as keystrokes. On unlicensed devices it is not recommended to enable the Scanner on the application’s startup page, this can interfere with the the license screen.

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                        Hi Glenn,


                        We initially thought that this was the issue and obtained a license for development purposes in order to eliminate this as an issue, unfortunately adding the License to the RHOElements installation did not correct the issue.



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                            Glenn Sayer



                            Looking at your log file.  I don’t see a 5831 line in your log file.  That is ok as I think the error occurred before that. 


                            Couple of comments and suggestions.  It looks like you are on an android device and using the scanner on that device.  I also see some information about use of a media player and camera.  Just as an FYI, you can only use the scanner or the camera one at a time.  You must also make sure that DataWedge is disabled for your application.  Having the scanner/camera active or your application controlling these device and DataWedge also at the same time can cause bad things to happen.


                            Make sure DataWedge is disabled.

                            Make sure that before you use the scanner that the camera is not active and that the scanner is not active before you use the camera.

                            If you are already doing the above then the next step would to try and get an ADB log of the failure.