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    Log window Menu missing on Rhosimulator on version 5.1.1

    erika contiero

      Hi all,


      Using RhoSimulator (Android) on RhoMobile 5.1.1, if I open the Log window I can't find any Menu button with the options Find, Clear Log, Send, that I always used in Rhomobile < 5.

      I search for the text "Clear log" in the rhosimulator.exe file read as text: in v.4.0 I could find it, in 5.1.1 I could not find it.

      The use of Clear Log is quite important during debugging, why was this feature removed from Rhosimulator?


      I attach the screenshot to show the difference of Log window in RMS 4.0 and RMS 5.1.1.


      I thank you all for the attention.



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          Jon Tara

          The log is just a file, and there are many tools you could use to show the file.


          It looks like you use Windows, so I can't suggest tools.


          For OSX, though, I use iTerm2, and just tail the log file in a terminal window. iTerm2 has history and ability to clear history, and I use those for your purpose. It also has a nice search, and will yellow-highlight when it sees a hit on the search. And then you can also still just load the entire logfile into an editor or viewer if you need to do some more complex search.


          While I don't use rhoSimulator, there's no reason this won't work with RhoSimulator as well. (I use it with iOS simulator).


          There have to be similar tools for Windows.

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