¿Is there any way to know  if the printer paired to a device has zpl support using Zebra SDK?

We are using two models; iMZ320 and MZ320. Only iMZ320 supports zpl. If the printer paired has zpl support We'd like to use some features of zpl like sending and printing an image.


The app is installed on a EP10 windows mobile 6.5 device. We are using C# and Zebra SDK to connect printer by bluetooth.




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Yes, The SDK has a API called


The SDK has a API called SGD.  You can use that to call the setting "device.languages" and set to "zpl" .  If the response doesn't include "zpl" in the response, it does not handle ZPL.  I think the response on iMZ is 'hybrid_xml_zpl' but it definitely has zpl in it. The code would look like this:

SGD.SET("device.languages", "zpl", printerConnection);

string language = SGD.GET("device.languages", printerConnection);

if (language.Contains("zpl"))


// printer is set to zpl




// printer is not capable of zpl


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