First week of testing or should I say playing.

So I have had my device for about a week and have spent a great deal of time playing with it, my thoughts follow remember I use a Razr HD as my everyday device so it has a high benchmark to compete against.

I know I will be reporting things that others have mentioned already. Thanks Ian for the format I copied.

• Battery / Battery door

I never thought I would say this but I broke a bloody nail it has taken me 40 years to grow nails and now I break one trying to remove a bloody door. Way to difficult to remove and then I need to check if I broke the bloody door as well trying to put it back on. Feels way to flimsy just to clip in give us a decent latch or clip.

Now after breaking a nail to remove the door I was not going to break one pulling out the battery so found a small screwdriver, managed to get the battery out but this was no easy task.

• Touch screen

Well it looks like we might be on a winner, Screen works well and is responsive appears to be of good quality real estate is close to that of my Razr HD. Not as bright and clear but I wouldn’t drop may Razr.

• Body

Looks cheap and does not feel very durable see my comment on battery door. Needs the same look and feel of MC40.

• Speaker / Microphone

I hope mine is a dud but sound output seems to be on the low side, loud speaker and handheld mode both appear low. Not much volume on either side.


What is life expectancy on the micro USB, every device I have micro USB has failed before the device has failed what strain relief strengthing have we provided.

• Trigger function

Not sure about the trigger functions it is not as obvious or as easy to use as I would have expected. Customers may be expecting more as it has a dedicated scanner.

• Camera function

Camera zoom and auto-focus feature seems to work very well. Flash is good and picture functionality seems ok. Have a look at the attached sample taken at a concert on the weekend.

• Ergonomics…how does it feel?

See above re plastics. From a device size it is comparable to my Razr HD just thicker which customers will except if we really achieve IP67

• Misc Points

Performance seems good. As Ian has mentioned no USB pins at base of unit leading to no support for comm cradles will be a problem for a lot of customers. Already hearing this complaint about MC40.