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    Reset and configure again qln420 Zebra Printer

    Miguel Enriquez

      Hi all see this video:


      With a Java Servlet.


      if you see the impresion is done, but eject 4 labels, not know why.


      this is other video now form C# .net same problem.



      in this other video, when i close the case, advance/eject 4 labels and not posicionate at the first of the label.



      how to fix these problems?


      and how to disable the printer sleep?


      Much thanks.

        • Re: Reset and configure again qln420 Zebra Printer
          Miguel Enriquez

          this the actual pritner configuration:

          i access: http://ipoftheprinter/settings ask me a password and is: 1234


          View Printer Configuration

          View Printer Configuration



            +10.0               DARKNESS         

            1.0 IPS             PRINT SPEED      

            +000                TEAR OFF         

            TEAR OFF            PRINT MODE       

            GAP/NOTCH           MEDIA TYPE       

            TRANSMISSIVE        SENSOR SELECT    

            400                 PRINT WIDTH      

            2030                LABEL LENGTH     

            14.0IN   354MM      MAXIMUM LENGTH   

            MAINT. OFF          EARLY WARNING    

            CONNECTED           USB COMM.        

            RS232               SERIAL COMM.     

            19200               BAUD             

            8 BITS              DATA BITS        

            NONE                PARITY           

            RTS/CTS             HOST HANDSHAKE   

            NONE                PROTOCOL         

            NORMAL MODE         COMMUNICATIONS   

            <~>  7EH            CONTROL PREFIX   

            <^>  5EH            FORMAT PREFIX    

            <,>  2CH            DELIMITER CHAR   

            ZPL II              ZPL MODE         

            NO MOTION           MEDIA POWER UP   

            FEED                HEAD CLOSE       

            DEFAULT             BACKFEED         

            +000                LABEL TOP        

            +0000               LEFT POSITION    

            DISABLED            REPRINT MODE     

            020                 WEB SENSOR       

            024                 MEDIA SENSOR     

            255                 TAKE LABEL       

            027                 MARK SENSOR      

            027                 MARK MED SENSOR  

            255                 TRANS GAIN       

            000                 TRANS BASE       

            100                 TRANS LED        

            197                 MARK GAIN        

            100                 MARK LED         

             832 8/MM FULL      RESOLUTION       

            2.0                 LINK-OS VERSION  

            V68.19.7Z <-        FIRMWARE         

            1.3                 XML SCHEMA       

            6.5.0 3.42          HARDWARE ID      

            8192k............R: RAM              

            65536k...........E: ONBOARD FLASH    

            FW VERSION          IDLE DISPLAY     

            09/18/15            RTC DATE         

            22:09               RTC TIME         

            DISABLED            ZBI              

            2.1                 ZBI VERSION      

            READY               ZBI STATUS       

            971 LABELS          NONRESET CNTR    

            971 LABELS          RESET CNTR1      

            971 LABELS          RESET CNTR2      

            6,474 IN            NONRESET CNTR    

            6,474 IN            RESET CNTR1      

            6,474 IN            RESET CNTR2      

            16,445 CM           NONRESET CNTR    

            16,445 CM           RESET CNTR1      

            16,445 CM           RESET CNTR2