Feedback after a week of usage.


The battery capacity seems to be right for a Smartphone usage profile. For me, it last day and a half, but I don't know if that will be enough for a user on route using it the full shift.

I'll not comments on the battery removal because I share the feelings, and suffered as much as everyone here.

Battery door function

Like in the battery, the door is all you are expressed and more. I finally manage to get accustomed to the removal procedure and yank it every time without too much shame but this will not last.

Touch screen/Display

Feels nice and light. Even when is not possible to test it with gloves, or wet (I'm not sure who sealed are these devices so I will keep it out on the water), the display respond to every gesture accurately. The screen size is nice and readable with direct sun light (you need to keep it clean for better results).

Body Paint

Personally I don't like the colors. An approach more similar to MC40 would be nice even using design influences from it.


I don't have complaint with the sound quality of speakers and sound in general. Probably should be a good idea to load a couple of MP3's and see what happens. What didn't work for me was the sound recording (probably a software issue). There was impossible to listen what I previously recorded, even with the volume to the maximum.


Should be more recessed, more like the audio jack cover. The USB cover feels nice and not appears to be too loose as the audio jack is. Is easy to open and close. Regarding the connector orientation, even when would be nice to have the connector oriented the same way as the 90+% of the devices, you get accustomed to it (for Motorola Milestone is the same).

Side Trigger function

The side trigger looks hidden. As all other buttons feels loose and like it will pop out soon. A bigger button would be nice, with a more tight adjustment.

Proximity Sensor

Work generally fine. It's the kind of things that do not realize are there until don't work. A little delay when finishing a call, about 2 secs, to come back the screen (probably a software issue).

Flash function

Works fine and seems to have the appropriate intensity. Used as a flashlight works OK.


Good resolution and response time. The zoom work fine too. Good image quality.


Thick and heavy for a consumer device. Probably a little too heavy even for a rugged device. When you use it for long period of time can get tired. A hand strap could mitigate this. Using design influence from MC40 could make the device more appealing and look more light.


Not too strong. In outdoor environments with noise all around reverberating you can lose a call or message. The feedback from button presses is good, probably a little bit stronger would be nice.

Physical Buttons

As mentioned with the scanner, all buttons appear too loose and cheap. More texture and tight case integration, joined with an stronger push feel, would be nice.

Audio Jack

Too recessed. Some headphones will not fit with the audio jack. On the cover side, feels good being recessed as it is. Easy to remove for plugging the jack and too loose for replacement (needs to be more like the USB cover).


In summary I like the device since it's a huge jump from previous iterations. The first impression for almost every people have seeing the device is "Wow! That phone looks very nice!". Some customers will miss the keyboard and will ask for something like the Motorola Droid Pro (probably we will have a similar product in the future).

Pros & Cons

- Pros

o Display size and responsiveness.

o Speaker sound.

o USB cover adjustment for opening/replacement.

o Proximity sensor.

o Flash brightness.

o Camera resolution, image quality.

o Overall size.

o Audio jack cover recessed at case level.

- Cons

o Battery capacity and replacement procedure.

o Battery door removal.

o Body paint and finishing.

o USB cover feels like a button. Needs to be recessed as audio jack cover.

o Side trigger hidden and small.

o Buttons in general feel loose and cheap.

o Little too heavy.

o Vibrator too weak.

o Audio jack (not the cover) too recessed.