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    ES400 - Fn and Shift keys won't trigger keydown, keypress and keyup events

      I'm using the device ES400 with the following specs:


      - Model Number: ES405B

      - Keypad Type: ES400 Qwerty Keyboard (Hex 0x900)

      - SOv: 05.02.23145

      - Fusion: 340.0.1.55


      I'm using System.Windows.Forms.Form (C#) class to capture the keypress, keydown or keyup events of the keys Fn (function) and Shift, but I'm not being able to.

      To contextualize, my application won't trigger by itself the OnPaint event (I'd use the above to force it) because I couldn't find any event that is raised by those keys. For other PDAs, the OnPaint event is raised when any key is pressed that changes the screen appearance.

      The test case is:

      - Open virtual keyboard;

      - Click Fn key;

      Is there any Hot Fix or develop assistance for me to be able to capture those keys?


      Here is the code block:


      using System.Windows.Forms;


      public partial class BaseForm : System.Windows.Forms.Form


      protected override void OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs e)





      protected override void OnKeyUp(KeyEventArgs e)





      protected override void OnKeyPress(KeyEventArgs e)






      Any solutions would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.