Presist Sql Compact version



I have installed SQL Compact Service pack 2 (3.5.8080.0) on device, but my problem is when power is off which is frequently happened, the SQL is gone and device (MK3100) reset the version of SQL compact.

I have read about StartupCtl so i wrote the following commands to install SQL compact and Symbol after restore:


// the command for delete the regestry key and add the new one version (3.5.8080.0) and working fine

regmerge /Q \Application\SqlCompactSP2Reg.reg


//this for install symbol and this command working fine

\Windows\wceload.exe /noui /delete 0 \Application\


//Here is my issue, SQL compact not install using this command

\Windows\wceload.exe /noui /noaskdest /delete 0 \Application\sqlce.wce5.armv4i.CAB


And the above commands run in OnRestore



Ahmed Sobhy