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    how do i lock the screen orientation to portrait on MC65?


      when i run my application on a MC65 device, the application is loaded in landscape (left handed) mode.

      following the documentation at http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/screenorientation when i use:

      ScreenOrientation.autoRotate = 'Disabled'


      the device becomes locked again in landscape (left handed) mode. i have tried to use



      but it is not having any effect and in-fact behaves as the "leftHanded" mode. the reset of the orientation modes (rightHanded, leftHanded and upsideDown) function as expected, but "normal" mode is notworking.

      is there something that i am missing?


      i have even set "disable_screen_rotation = 1" in the config file, but again the docs say its not applicable to WM devices.