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    Device - Rho Connect - REST Service Sync issues



      I am having some issues when synchronizing... I followed the tutorials and developed the rho application, and the REST webservice with the CRUD methods... I am getting a strange behavior as if:


      • I initiate the application and perform Sync it gets the register on the database under the Rest Service. QUERY OK
      • I Delete a record i can see the record deleted on the database DELETE OK
      • I make any change to any record... when i click update It seems to do the update as i dont get any exception.. but it just come back to the main list with no changes.. UPDATE FAIL
      • I create a new record it looks that it created the record but at the main list i just see there is another record but no fields populated... it is like it sent the record but for showing the new record it could not read it... NEW FAIL


      Anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I used same coding than in the examples.