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    Rhoelements runtime apk



      Can I install the RhoElements Runtimes on all the non-Motrolo devices(including iOS)?  Also pls help me in understanding the pros and cons between the  custom  native app with Webview vs RhoElements Runtime apk/cab file?


      thanks in advance...

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Vamsi


          You can install Rhoelements Runtimes in any of these devices(Windows Mobile, Windows CE or Android). 


              * On Windows, you can find the Rhoelements Runtimes in the start menu, under Motorola Rhomobile Suite

             * On Mac, They are located in Motorola Rhomobile Suite Installer , in Rhoelements2 shared runtime folder


          On Windows Mobile/CE Devices, install Rloelements Runtime.cab to \Program Files\Rhoelements using ActiveSync or Windows mobile device center. On Android, install Rloelements runtime.apk using Android SDK


          Once you installed you have access to Rhoelements config.xml file


          So now you can around it to access the Rhoelements feature


          Hope it helps

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            Pietro Francesco Maggi

            Hi Vamsi,

            apk files are setup packages just for the Android Platform so, they can only be installed on Android devices.


            Given that with RhoElements you can build a native application for all the supported platform (even platforms like iOS that don't allow a stand-alone runtime by their EULA) a better approach is to simply build an hybrid application for you existing HTML apps following this simple steps:

            * Create a new project in RhoStudio or from the command line

            * delete everything that is inside the /public folder of the project

            * copy all the files of your app into the public folder (html pages, css, images and JavaScript)

            * change the start_path parameter in the rhoconfig.txt to your starting page

            * add if you want, a custom Config.xml to configure the Motorola Webkit Browser (needed for Windows Embeeded Handheld and Windows CE): http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/rhoelements2-native#including-a-customized-rhoelements-configuration-file

            * change the rhoconfig.txt parameters to fit your needs (autorotation, fullscreen, etc)

            * change application.rb to disable the Rho toolbar if you don't need it.


            Build for the platform that you want to target.


            You can find more information on the docs site:



            Best regards