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    Unable to get loading.html splash screen to work

    Lisa Tassone

      I have read the documentation and any discussion posts about similar or same issues and still cannot get the loading.html to work on my application.  I have removed the loading.png and put a simple hello in the loading.html but whenever I start the application I just get a grey screen.  I delayed the loading of the splash screen by 10 seconds to see if I could see the page actually being loaded in the inspector but no luck.


      Is anyone else having this issue?  I can get images to work but am not wanting to use them since they don't seem to be scaling correctly to device dimensions (just centers the image and if the screen is larger or higher resolution, you get space around the image) and if starting in landscape with Android it doesn't use a landscape image which looks ugly indeed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am using the latest version of Rho