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    Jquery Mobile Loading widget not shown


      I want to use JQM loading widget in my rhodes app but when I tried




      The loading widget is not shown in my view.

      Any there meet this problems before or have solution for it please help me. Thank you very much.

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          Hi There,


          It depends on what JQM version you are using. I remember that I had to change it a couple times before when moving to another JQM version. I am currently using JQM 1.2 and the below code works for me, note that I am including the html code of the Loading section, make sure to put the correct src of the gif loader img.


          $.mobile.loading( 'show', {html: "<span><center><img src='/public/jqmobile/images/ajax-loader.gif' /></center><h1>Loading...</h1></span>"});




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            Kutir Mobility

            In jQueryMobile  version 1.0.1 this code snippet will work.

            Please enable the following in layout.erb

            $(document).bind("mobileinit", function(){

            $.mobile.loadingMessage = "loading";


            From your js files you can simply call the below code to show a loading message spinner with default theme "a"


            To hide a loading message spinner


            If you are using jQueryMobile with version 1.2.0, please refer this link



            Surendran S

            Kutir Mobility

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              hi  vinh bachsy,

                             I am trying to implement the jquery mobile loading widget in my rhomobile application. but, unfortunately i am not able seen the loading image in my mobile screen. I dont know what's is wrong in my code. I pasted my code below. if there is any wrong please correct me.


              mobile.loading( 'show', {

                              text:  "loading",

                              textVisible: true,

                              theme:   "a",

                              html: "<span class='ui-bar ui-overlay-c ui-corner-all'><img src='/public/images/loading.png' /><h2>is loading for                 you ...</h2></span>"



              I pasted this code in layout.erb.


              if this is wrong way to generate the loading image while navigating from one screen to another screen, then can you provide right solution.



              ravi teja