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    Size of RhoMobile Simulator

      Hi All,


      Can we change the size of Simulator. I wan to test the code in 4.3 inch screen with 320*480 px. Its and android app

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          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Ankur


          You can change the settings of the emulator in Android AVD Manager. Steps you need to follow is


          1. Launch the Android AVD Manager

          2. Select the emulator you are going to use

          3. Click the ‘Start’ button. It opens the ‘Launch Options’ dialog

          4.Check the ‘Scale display to real size’ checkbox. It enables the ‘Screen Size’ and ‘Monitor dpi’ options in the middle.

          5. Click the ‘?’ button right to the ‘Monitor dpi’ field. It pops up the ‘Monitor Density’ dialog.

          6. Set your monitor’s screen size and current resolution. Then click ‘OK’ button.

          7. Set the ‘Screen Size (in):’ field to the size you want.


          Test it by launching the emulator from the AVD Manager itself


          Hope it helps




          Kutir Mobility

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            DecisionPoint Keith Gable

            If you are on a Mac, I use the following AppleScript to resize the RhoSimulator window (in this case, to the size of the Motorola ET-1):

            tell application "System Events" to tell application process "RhoSimulator"
                 set size of window 1 to {1024, 580}
            end tell
            tell application "RhoSimulator"
            end tell
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