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    Change beeper volume via JS?

    Jon Marsella

      Using RHOElements v2 for a web app, I'd like to expose in said app a way for my users to change the scanner beep volume.  I have an Inventory Management scanner application on an MC3190 WiFi gun that's locked down.  I certainly don't want my users trying to tinker with XML, good heavens no.  Why, they can barely use the point and click interfaces we made ABC123 for them.



      Anyhow I am aware indeed that one could change this volume level by setting DecodeVolume below to anything from 0 to 5 inside the Config.xml as below:


                <DecodeVolume value="2"/>
                <DecodeFrequency value="0xBB8"/>
                <InvalidDecodeFrequency value="0x9C4"/>
                <DecodeDuration value="150"/>
                <ScanDecodeWav value=""/>
                <ScanInvalidWav value=""/>
                <ImagerCaptureWav value=""/>


      BUT, suppose one wanted to change it at runtime, and expose the controls to the user instead? Is there a JS method, some other way perhaps?  This question is largely rhetorical, in that I suspect/speculate the answer is a lousy and depressing NO but thought I'd ask anyhow.


      10,000 thank yous to someone that can streer me in the right direction here.


      Also has anyone else observed that there are in fact 2 volume levels on the MC3190 despite what you may set this volume too?  Level 2 is barely audible, Level 3 burns my ears, Level 4 also burns my ears marginally more and Level 5 same.  ....