Profile Editor is empty

Hi guys,


I wanna create a new profile in the Profile Manager but the Profile Editor is empty.



I hope you guys can help me to display the data in the Profile Editor.

Pietro Francesc...
Hi Lucas,Your best option is

Hi Lucas,

Your best option is to run the EMDK's Integrator that you can find under `Symbol EMDK for Android v4.0` in your Start menu:

EMDK's Integrator.jpg

This will ask if you want to install the EMDK on Android Studio or Eclipse ADT and apply the needed changes. 

You may expect some strange behaviour like this when you upgrade your Android Studio environment.

Just keep your EMDK updated to the latest version as we're working to keep it in sync Android tools. Latest version available is 4.0, available on Zebra's Support site.

Best regards


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Lucas Smith
Hi Pietro,thanks. It works 

Hi Pietro,

thanks. It works 

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