Install APK via MDM results in AccessMgr is not in Register CSP cache Table

When I install my APK to a device using an MDM, I am unable to access some features of the EMDK.


Here is what I see in the logs:


E/MxFrameworkHelper( 2447): bindCSP: sTLC=[AccessMgr] is * NOT * in local registered CSP cache talble !

E/MxFrameworkService( 2447): isApplicationAllowedCheckByAcessMgr: bind to Accesss Manager failed!


If I adb side load install the APK or install via any other method (load via browser and have system install, etc.) it works just fine.


1. At what point are CSP Cache tables populated?


2. Is there someway to cause the tables to be loaded via Intent?


3.  Is there a permission needed within the MDM to allow for installing APK's that require EMDK?