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    Image and signatureCapture FileTransferService over https

    Eric Wood

      Thanks in advance for any advice to the issue.


      We are building a hybrid app (Rho Elements on ET1 tablet, ASP.Net MVC website) with a requirement to capture signature and images on ET1 tablet then post them encrypted over https. We are using valid SSL keys and everything else within the app is working fine over https except for posting these files. When we switch the destination to http it works fine.


      var dest = "url('https://something.something.com/SecurePost/Signature')";

      signatureCapture.destination = dest;


      signatureCapture.visibility = 'visible';


      According to the documentation only http, ftp, and file protocols are supported destinations. Has anyone found a work round for this?


      We also noticed the FileTransfer service these tools use do not post with session cookies. We can work around that, but encryption is mandatory.