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    ET1 Push issue



      I want to receive and send push message's from my ET1. I've tried to follow the web-seminar and tutorials.

      When I fill in "rhoconnect redis-start", I directly get the error that there isn't such a file or directory.


      Does someone know how to solve this?


      Further is there more information of sending and receiving push message without sync on the internet besides the Push Synchronization map?

        • Re: ET1 Push issue
          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Jan,

          You got 2 issues. You need to fix the redis server before you may send/receive messages.

          Can you paste the complete error message that you see what you type rhoconnect redis-start

          Also make sure you execute this rake command from the your rhoconnect project folder.



          Surendran S

          Kutir Mobility