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    RhoMobile application not firing set_push_notification callback.

    Steve Harman



      I've setup a Rho Connect app with push, much like the tutorial and have verified my app is now 'push' syncing in both directions (a simple refresh at the client shows my changes made on the server).

      My next logical step was to implement the set_push_notification callback, which I have done using the following in application.rb:


      class AppApplication < Rho::RhoApplication


      def initialize


           System.set_push_notification "/app/Settings/push_callback",""



      Then I've implemented my callback in app/Settings/controller.rb as follows:


      def push_callback

           puts "push_callback"

           "rho_push"  # Performs the operations listed in the push message



      but never see that function firing. What am I missing?