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    Need some advice concerning design of software for et1



      I'm want to make an user interface for the ET1 Tablet but I'm not sure what kind of app(HTML5, Hybrid WEB) is the best.

      First I'll explain something about the desired working:

      The architecture is as below



      Scanner <----------------------------------> ET1 Tablet <-----------------------> Server <------------------------> External button


      The ET1 tablet has to show a kind of webpage. With a click on a button on the tablet or the external button, it has to go to the next webpage.

      Further the must be the capability to send an barcode to the server. So The ET1 has to make a connection with the bluetooth scanner and send the barcode to the server.

      If it's possible, the ET1 has to be as dump as possible. (Webpage generated on the server?)


      I hope you can give me some advice off what kind of app is the best. Also I'd like to know the best way to go to the next webpage because it also has to respond on an external button.

      (Do I need to use push messages?)

      Further if you know some tutorial or other resources of this kind of application, please let me know.


      Your Sincerely,