Ericsson Barcodes (Teleco equipment) - Adding Ctrl-D at end of scan

Short version:
Recently purchased a DS3578. Building an HTML / JavaScript web page that captures a barcode as it is scanned into an <input> element. Going well except for the type of barcode shown below on Ericsson equipment. These types of barcodes seem to return a "CTRL-D" to the end of the barcode. This results in "internet explorer" opening the "Add Favourites".


Any tips / advice on how to cope with this?



Andrew Pengelly
Hi David, your best bet is to

Hi David, your best bet is to use 123Scan to modify the output by stripping the CTRL-D.

I note the 1D barcode is Code 128 and produces SBR81201902.

The 2D barcode is PDF-417 and is more complex.

[)><RS>06<GS>1P1/BFL 901 009/1<GS>21PR3B<GS>22PSUP 6601 <GS> 12D20110215 <GS> SBR81201902 <RS> <EOT>

Where -

<RS> = record separator, ASCII 30 or CTRL-^

<GS> = group separator, ASCII 29  or CTRL-]

<EOT> = end of transmission, ASCII 4 or CTRL-D

So the <EOT> in the 2D barcode is the problem as you say.

So using 123Scan create a configuration for your scanner.  Within the config section select Modify Data and then choose Program complex data modification / Advanced data Formatting / Create a New Rule.  Since I am not sure what other barcode you scan it is hard to give exact instructions from this point on but suggest you create a rule that only works on PDF-417 barcodes and program it so it drops the last character.

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