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    RhoElements - SignatureCaptureEvent ?

      Hi All,

      I hope you're all well!


      I have been struggling for the past 2 days with the SignatureCapture event on my RhoE Web App.

      All I want to do is to store the Base64 representation of the signature captured.


      Below, I will list my META tags for better explanation:


      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="Height:200">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="BGColor:#FFFFFF">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="Width:450">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="Visibility:Visible">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="name:Sig<?php echo $params["id"]; ?>">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="PenColor:#000000">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="PenWidth:2">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="top:300">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="Destination:url('file://My Documents/mysig.bmp')">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="SignatureCaptureEvent:url('javascript:onSignatureCapture(%json)');">

      <META HTTP-Equiv="SignatureCapture" Content="SignatureSaveEvent:url('javascript:fnSigCaptureComplete('%s');')">


      So, on SignatureCaptureEvent I call a function that writes jsonObject.imageData onto a specific element, exactly as their instructions on (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/SignatureCapture).


      However, I don't get ANY response from onSignatureCapture function, in fact, we don't even get to that function.


      I might be missing something obvious - but man, I have spent a large amount of time trying to figure this out and I see that posting this here would be useful, as I couldn't find this information nowhere else.


      I'm working away from the handheld and SOTI, so I'm using logmein.com to actually work on it -- that raises my level of frustration.


      I hope you guys can help me!