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    MC40 Hardware buttons



      I am having a small issue in developing an Android application on the MC40, I cannot seem to intercept when the hardware buttons on the side of the device have been pressed.


      I can grab the following:

           Menu Button

           Back Button

           Search Button

           Volume Up

           Volume Down


      But I cannot seem to grab L1/L2/R1 The 'onKeyDown' Java event simply doesn't trigger.


      Any ideas?


      Kind Regards

      Karel Young

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          R1 and L1 are scanner buttons and they get captured by DataWedge (DW); you need to create a DW profile bespoke to your application to tell DW to pass the trigger events to your app when this is running. Otherwise you can just disable DW if you are not using it.

          L1 is captured by PTT Express as that's the PTT button; I'm not very familiar with PTT Express, but you can disable it too.


          Hope this helps.