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    Call InternetCanonicalizeUrl failed

    selva raj

      We are using


          :url => url  


      for getting the values from server .


      while URL is short then no issue but URL is long then we are getting the issue as " Call InternetCanonicalizeUrl failed. Url:"


      Points which we noticed from our end:

      1) URL is encoded using Rho::RhoSupport.url_encode() method, still we are having the same issue.

      2) URL having '1088' characters

      3) The same url copied and paste it in browser it will be working fine.







        • Re: Call InternetCanonicalizeUrl failed
          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Selva raj

          InternetCanonicalizeUrl converts a URL to canonical form which includes converting unsafe characters into escape sequences, please check the params you are sending with the url, there is also a limit for the parameters that can be sent in the get request, I am not sure about the maximum no of bytes that can be sent, try limiting the no of characters that you send.



          Surendran S

          Kutir Mobility