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    HourGlass API in controller file

    Mohit Raheja

      Hi All,


      I am trying to use the HourGlass API in my controller file, but its not working.

      Any idea about how to use it.


      Please help!!!!



      Mohit Raheja

        • Re: HourGlass API in controller file
          Kutir Mobility

          Hi Mohit


          Things you need to do

          1. Check rhoelements: app_type included in build.yml

          2. If you are trying to use Hourglass from controller then you can specify for the actions which has navigation as below

          def custom_action

            Hourglass.visibility = 'false' #this will hide the spinner

             WebView.navigate(url_for(:action => :my_action, :controller => :my_controller))




          if you need to use for all actions in the controller, we can before filter like below

          before do

                 Hourglass.visibility = 'false'



          Hope it helps




          Kutir Mobility