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    sip.manual() does not persist after return from power save

    Stephen Skidmore

      I am using the ET1 to run a hybrid application that uses jQueryMobile 3.1.1.  For practical purposes the ET1 is a landscape device so the native android keypad displaces atleast 60% of the screen.  Our app is mostly data collection forms so the keyboard is sliding up and down while the focus moves from field to field.  When the input element is in the screen area that will be hidden by the keyboard the OS slides the screen contents up with the keyboard so that the element remains visible as the user types.  As the focus moves from element to element the keyboard can bounce up and down.  This, coupled with the rendering lag as the viewport is adjusted makes for a pretty ugly user experience.  To avoid this I've written my own primitive alpha and numeric keypads inside of jQuery Mobile popups.  All of my inout elements are set to readonly and I call SIP.manual(); to turn off the sip.  When an element gets focus the input popup overlays the screen without causing any motion.  The user types into a temporary input element, when teh user acceps the input the popup closes and the temporary input contents are copied into the target input element. 


      The resulting UI is not the most responsive but my target users are not speed typers so the bouncing problem is solved.  Or so I thought.  Everythign works fine until the unit goes to sleep.  Once the unit is powered back up neither the sip.manual(); call or the readonly attribute are honored.  When an input receives focus this time the sip slides up and then backdown when my popup keypad is displayed.  I would have thought that either the readonly attribute OR the sip.manual call would be enough to prevent the sip from appearing. 


      If anyone else has experienced a similiar issue please share your fix or workaround.


      Thanks in advance